it’s been a while

5 Aug

beers at bridgetown

no shit it’s been a while. as i scroll through the last dozen or so posts, my name does not appear in the author column. not one fucking time. i’m sure this comes as no surprise to “our fans” who i am sure have dearly missed my ever so poignant beer reviews and sarcastic style. thank you! i’ve missed you too! 

what’s my fucking problem? really, its that hard to write a few paragraphs once or twice a week? i can sit down and write pages of policy analysis in a single day at work. but somehow writing about beer is fucking rocket science? the boys have done a great job holding down the fort around here – thanks guys! BUT you still need a lady to keep things fresh and shake it up a bit. everyone loves the foul-mouthed female. so who the fuck am i to drink my beer lazily and deprive you of such a precious gift?!? (speaking of…side note: treat yo’self and go see Heat – Bullock and McCarthy are hilarious!)

here is the thing. and i know, i know, this sounds like a lame, fucking excuse, but this is my truth. my relationship with beer has taken a serious blow this year. i don’t know if anyone has told you, but beer can give you a beer gut! what?!? yeah, i fucking know. let me give you a minute to let the shock wear off… it?…you good? me neither! how the fuck is that fair? if you don’t believe me, just take a good look around the next time you go to a beer festival, special release party, etc. the usual suspects are all sporting a well-decorated and hard earned beer belly. it starts off small – just a lil ponch. but be careful because while you are enjoying that delicious beverage it will fucking sneak up on you and sabotage your efforts at the gym. before you know it, that little muffin top will be jumbo-sized. i should know!

add a few shitty viruses, a fucked-up injury, a bridesmaid’s dress, and side of stress and you’ve got pints too few and far between reserved for the pure purpose of relaxation and bitching sessions. so, there you have it. here we are. it is what it is. and i’ve been far too silent, because as much as it would be nice to use this space as an outlet for my rage, that ain’t why y’all are here. so i’ll spare you any more bull shit and get back to some beer. i know I would rather be drinking beer! and a lot more of it.

bridgetown tapsso that beauty you see at the top, the one on the left, is Barley Brown’s WFO (Wide Fucking Open) IPA. As you can see, I enjoyed that pint at one of our favorite neighborhood haunts: Bridgetown Beerhouse. It had been way too long since we had been there (yup, there’s a theme going on here and there are those same shitty excuses again), so we pulled up a bar stool and watched the Timbers game. the crowd was lively but chill and our barkeep knew his way around beer. thank fucking god! there is nothing worse than going to a place known for beer and the person serving doesn’t even know what a fucking cask is…when they, by the way, serve beer on cask. yeah, that’s happened. anyway.

the WFO had a complex, sweet, resinous hop nose that was just beautiful. I think I sat there with my nose in my glass for a couple minutes. the piney, resinous hop was clear from start to finish with just enough malt for a very well-balanced beer. compared to the other Barley Brown’s beers I have had, this one is a bit lighter in body and mouthfeel, excellent for a warm summer day here in the northwest. these guy’s, out east in the Wide Fucking Open just never disappoint. never.

photo 3the one on the right, you ask? it’s the Boneyard Shotgun Mosaic Pale. a good beer with nice tropical fruit / pineapple notes. but it did not compare to the WFO. i had ordered the Mosaic, but like a good husband, Michael switched beers with me (each of those few precious pints i get need to be as amazing as they can). then we both followed up with another round of the WFO.

we really had a nice night at Bridgetown. as usual. i can’t believe it had been so long! they always have a great selection of taps, especially small unique batches like the WFO, so definitely check it out. and don’t be a chump like me and wait. especially if you want the WFO as i can tell it is going to go fast.

i’d like to say i will be back soon, but who the fuck knows.


2 Responses to “it’s been a while”

  1. Brian August 5, 2013 at 11:06 PM #

    Cortisone makes you productive…and foul-mouthed. Nice.

  2. Rob August 6, 2013 at 8:16 PM #

    Wow! You’re taken out your stress on he bloggesphre. Chill out and have a beer, or vodka neat.

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