something red, something new

23 Aug
Beautiful beer...too bad it's not my style

Beautiful beer…too bad it’s not my style

Even though Hood River is home to all kinds of good breweries, Double Mountain is the only place I ever seem to visit when I go (their pizzas rock!).  Last time we were there, I noticed some Belgian-Style beers in the cooler.  Even though the style is not one I usually seek out, I thought it was worth seeing what DM could do with it.

Beautiful ruby hue to this beer.  Nose is sticky-sweet with hints of strawberries and earth.  Almost minerally, like an oyster shell smells is the best way I can describe it.  The taste is sweet up front, with a large blast of cherries, some fig, and a bit of leather.  Slightly wild tasting, but the sweetness dominates.  It finishes with some bitterness, but clears out with some intense sugary fruit including some of that minerality that I noticed in the nose.  There is a slight tinge of heat from the alcohol.  This is a rich beer, with all that sweetness and a pretty substantial mouthfeel.  It’s a slow sipper that sits heavy on the stomach.

Love that label!  Not as sold on the beer.  It’s well-made, but it highlights why I am not a Belgian-style beer guy.  Many are just too sweet (although not all of them).  Cloying, really.  I can appreciate what the style brings to the table, and I certainly have had some that I have really liked.  Elements of this beer are enjoyable, but this isn’t something I’ll go back for.  Call me simple, call me boring, but I’ll stick with the Vaporizer, Clusterfuck, and Killer Green whenever I get the opportunity.


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