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Readers Choice 7: Deschutes Fresh Hops

25 Sep


I have to raise a glass to the readers on this one. During this fine fresh hop season we have had here in Beervana, Deschutes rose among the masses with their fresh hop beers. Don’t get me wrong, wonderful fresh-hopped beers were found just about everywhere, but still among my favorites is the Fresh Hop Mirror Pond. Continue reading


not giving in

21 Sep
Stay with me, Summer!

Stay with me, Summer!

I am obsessed with the weather these days.  Holding on to summer with everything I can.  It’s pretty clear that my powers of persuasion related to Mother Nature are a bit lacking.  This weekend is the definitive “fall” feel that I have come to expect from Portland in September.  It’s not cold, per se.  Just a little crisper than normal, with more clouds overhead.  Yep, it’s fall.  Having said that…I still refuse to go down quietly!  No pumpkin beers yet.  Instead, I am forging ahead with more summery staples until I just can’t do it anymore. Continue reading

Red Dot

13 Sep

After striking out at four furniture stores, I felt like I was working too hard on our little staycation. You know what can always fix that? Yup. A pint. At Hair of the Dog no less. We like to do it up right on a Friday afternoon. And we were rewarded with a special treat. Blue Dot was aged in bourbon barrels with sour cherries to make the current From the Wood pour: Red Dot. Continue reading

drinking like a Luchadore

11 Sep

IMG_2792I’m not the kind of person that needs a huge reason to celebrate with a beer.  I think that’s been established pretty clearly with this blog.  However I am drinking this Dark Meddle from Gigantic (their version of a Vienna Lager) in celebration of a few things.  First, our house went on the market today.  That in itself is big news as it was a ton of work to accomplish.  Second, the US Men’s National Team made the World Cup last night by beating their biggest rival: Mexico.  The final score was an appropriate 2-0, which if you know the history of these two teams playing in Columbus, you would get why that is spooky cool.  And finally?  My wife and I missed The Bridge last week and thought we were going to have to wait it out ’till the season ended to finish the series.  But guess what?  Last weeks episode is on at 9 and this week’s episode follows behind it!  Score!  Let the beer drinking commence.

Tap it Tuesday 9.10.13

10 Sep

We are on vacation this week in our home town. Just relaxing, doing the things we are normally too busy to do. We hit the gym this morning so now we get to enjoy a little happy hour action at Cascade Brewing. Every Tuesday I get an email from them for their Tap It Tuesday “event” when they tap a new beer “live from the barrel.” I’m tempted each week when I get the email, but normally pass to keep my date with Gym. But this week we really lucked out, being on vacation for one, and secondly, for getting a good luck of the draw! This is what greeted me in my inbox this afternoon:

Continue reading

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