drinking with the weather

6 Sep
Oh so tasty

Oh so tasty

Look…summer is not over here in the Pacific NW.  I refuse to believe it.  We have 80+ degree days coming up!  But, since it was rainy and slightly cooler the last two days, I decided to drink something a little more appropriate for the weather.  This little guy has been sitting in the beer fridge for a while now, just waiting for some mist, some fog…hell, even some gray skies. Hello Alaskan Brewing Imperial Red Ale!

And what an introduction it is.  Deep red in color, almost bloody.  A real red in that regard.  Head is beige and just sits there.  Sat there the whole time I drank it, too.  Thick and full of lovely smells.  Aroma is all malt, very intense.  There is a touch of spice in the nose as well.  Maybe hops?  Taste is sweet at the start, but somewhat umami also…meaty is how I noted it.  There is some heft here.  Caramel and tobacco are prominent, but as it warms, massive amounts of fruit start to come out.  A little plum, maybe some dates?  It’s good.  Very subtle hop flavor at the beginning with just a touch of spiciness and orange scent.  As it warms, the pine and citrus start to assert themselves.  Much better with some warmth to it.  Not surprising there.  No real alcohol burn, but at 8.5% ABV, it’s not a shock that the assertive malts cover some of that up.  Again, there is a meatiness and chewiness to this beer.  It coats the mouth and lingers well after you have taken a drink.  This is a fantastic beer.  Brings back memories of the Marble and Laurelwood Imperial Reds we had at GABF last year.  Two of the best beers I had in 2012.  This one is right there with them.  Well done, Alaskan Brewing.  Well done indeed.


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