Tap it Tuesday 9.10.13

10 Sep

We are on vacation this week in our home town. Just relaxing, doing the things we are normally too busy to do. We hit the gym this morning so now we get to enjoy a little happy hour action at Cascade Brewing. Every Tuesday I get an email from them for their Tap It Tuesday “event” when they tap a new beer “live from the barrel.” I’m tempted each week when I get the email, but normally pass to keep my date with Gym. But this week we really lucked out, being on vacation for one, and secondly, for getting a good luck of the draw! This is what greeted me in my inbox this afternoon:

LIVE: Obsidian Blackberry

This NW style sour wheat ale was barrel aged for nine months, then additionally aged on Obsidian blackberries for three months. Aromas of dusty, earthy blackberries with hints of raspberries are noticed at first. Dark blackberries and tart dried cane fruit sparkle on the palate. The finish is of bright, tart blackberries and candy with hints of rose hips.

So here we are. And it’s actually still kind of a big deal. Even though it happens every week. It’s 6pm and we are still waiting on the special person who gets to tap this bad boy…
…well, lucky for these two servers, those folks didn’t show. They got a quick lesson from Preston and did a fine job. Not too much of a mess, so we all got our beers quickly (thanks ladies!)

It’s a beauty, isn’t it?
A beautiful plum red with a nice creamy, pale pink head. Brine and berry on the nose. Berry sweetness up front that meanders into a tart, cranberry and finishes quite dry complementing the initial sweetness. On this 90 degree September day, with no work tomorrow, I could drink a ton of these! Less sweet than a Lambic but on the lighter side of the sours. A real crowd pleaser. I’m going to sign off now so any drunken debauchery that ensues from this black beauty remains off the internets! Happy Tuesday! Enjoy something tapped.20130910-182232.jpg

Please bare with any funky formatting as this was a mobile post! Thanks, taphandle


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