drinking like a Luchadore

11 Sep

IMG_2792I’m not the kind of person that needs a huge reason to celebrate with a beer.  I think that’s been established pretty clearly with this blog.  However I am drinking this Dark Meddle from Gigantic (their version of a Vienna Lager) in celebration of a few things.  First, our house went on the market today.  That in itself is big news as it was a ton of work to accomplish.  Second, the US Men’s National Team made the World Cup last night by beating their biggest rival: Mexico.  The final score was an appropriate 2-0, which if you know the history of these two teams playing in Columbus, you would get why that is spooky cool.  And finally?  My wife and I missed The Bridge last week and thought we were going to have to wait it out ’till the season ended to finish the series.  But guess what?  Last weeks episode is on at 9 and this week’s episode follows behind it!  Score!  Let the beer drinking commence.


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