not giving in

21 Sep
Stay with me, Summer!

Stay with me, Summer!

I am obsessed with the weather these days.  Holding on to summer with everything I can.  It’s pretty clear that my powers of persuasion related to Mother Nature are a bit lacking.  This weekend is the definitive “fall” feel that I have come to expect from Portland in September.  It’s not cold, per se.  Just a little crisper than normal, with more clouds overhead.  Yep, it’s fall.  Having said that…I still refuse to go down quietly!  No pumpkin beers yet.  Instead, I am forging ahead with more summery staples until I just can’t do it anymore.

While casually glancing at the beer selection at Safeway (I know, I know…but when you are there buying emergency hamburger buns, sometimes you gotta take a look, right?) I saw this bomber of French Aramis IPA from New Belgium.  The description read “A drier IPA for the summer, brewed with French Aramis hops to create an aroma of fresh cut flowers and garden herbs”.  That really caught my eye.  Fresh cut flowers?  I had to see how it tasted.

It’s got a nice, deep gold/orange color to it.  The head is stark white, very thick and soapy.  There is a serious haze to this beer.  Clearly unfiltered.  There is a hint of malt in the nose, but it’s mainly earthy and grassy, sort of like when you stick your face in a bag of mushrooms at the farmers market.  That head is still just sitting there!  Taste is still dominated by the earthiness, but there is some citrus in there as well.  That earthy-flavor has an onion-like quality to it.  Sort of umami-ish and vegetal at the same time.   Overall, I don’t get the “fresh cut flowers” from the hops, but the earthiness and slight citrus come through pretty clearly.  The French Aramis hop is a hybrid between a French varietal and an English.  The best of both (old) worlds!  This is a pretty good beer, although I feel like I would enjoy it more on tap.  Sometimes beers like this (with newer, less intense hop varietals) play better with flavor and aroma on draft.  Not sure how much of this is available in the Portland market, but if you’re like me and can’t stand to see summer going away, this beer is one way to pretend it’s sticking around a bit longer.  Whatever your particular beer is, keep on pretending with me.  Maybe we can force the sun out again one more time before the rain starts in earnest.


One Response to “not giving in”

  1. Chad September 21, 2013 at 8:57 PM #

    I can’t wait for the summer to end here in Arizona. Turn the fuckin sun off already. I’m ready to trade the desert for the rain; 17 more years left in Arizona and counting.

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