accidental hiatus

13 Oct
catch you here sometime

catch you here sometime

Do you ever just wonder where the hell all your time went?  I have generally kept up a good schedule here on Taphandle, but man…did the last couple of weeks get away from me, or what?  Total accident, people.  I clearly owe some posts.  Luckily there is plenty of beer to be reviewed.  Now that we’re officially into Fall in the Pacific NW, I want to get around to seasonally appropriate brews (yes, that means a Pumpkin beer will be consumed and reviewed soon).

Sierra Nevada’s Flipside Red IPA is their Fall seasonal and it immediately caught my eye at the store.  I can’t remember this being available here last year.  Is this its first year in production?  I’d love to hear from someone with a little more information about it.  The label is what really jumped out.  That picture of a tree, sans leaves is pretty awesome.  Inspiring, actually.  I’ve always loved that type of image.  Very “of the earth” and “of the season” all at once.  More important than all the asthetics though is, does it taste good?  Yes.  Yes it does.

Sierra Nevada says this beer was brewed for that last flash of summer, and I can see why.  Lots of citrus in the aroma here, from what appears to be a pretty aggressive hop schedule.  Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra are all part of this offering.  There are small offerings from the malt, including a nice nuttiness up front, but the stars are the hops, and the beer is nicely bitterer with a clean, effective citrus punch at the end.  The color is nice, a true red ale.  Bottom line: It’s good and available in 6 packs.

Be on the lookout for more posts in the near future.  I got some catching up to do.

Food Pairing: I drank it with a spicy Mac & Cheese that I made for dinner tonight.  Very effective at cutting through some of the cheesy richness and offsetting the spicy chiles in the mac.  Other dishes that would really work with this beer: red chile posole, green chile burgers, and even some roasted sweet-hot mixed nuts as part of an appetizer.


One Response to “accidental hiatus”

  1. Chad October 13, 2013 at 9:27 PM #

    I worked on a six pack of this over the past few weeks. I don’t remember this last fall either; I recall another rye ale but not this. There were many Sierra Nevada tap take overs in the Bay Area last year about now, and this was not featured. I enjoyed it very much. I’ve been on a bit of a red IPA kick over the past 6 months and this spoke to me as it did you.

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