keeping it light

25 Oct
Drinking like an O.G.

Drinking like an O.G.

The weather just won’t cooperate, will it?  Sunny, unseasonably warm, and just downright pleasant!  I just can’t make the move to that pumpkin beer yet.  So I stick with what calls to me.  Today it’s 10 Barrel’s O.G. Wheat IPA.  I think the first time I had it was at the Oregon Garden Beer Festival this past summer.  I liked it then, and I certainly like it now.

It’s golden yellow and full of frothy-ness.  It looks very inviting and it smells even more so.  Lemons and a bit of orange with that undercurrent of pine that is oh-so alluring.  The beer is sharper than I remember, but the wheat is found behind that first hop impression that is all sorts of mango and passion fruit.  A hoppy brew that is assertive without being pushy.  Refreshing, it reminds me of a band that just finished a tight set.  It knows what it wants to accomplish and gets around to it.  Not sure why a rock analogy comes to mind, but it seems apt.

10 Barrel is an interesting creature.  Tanya Cornett and Shawn Kelso are two well-established and extremely well-respected brewers.  I have been lucky to sit and talk beer with both of them and they are the real deal and extremely down-to-earth.  I absolutely adore some of their beers but find others to be completely over-hyped.  You know how it is…I can get turned off by some of their offerings like Sinistor Black and their India Session Ale and then I have something like Pray For Snow or the Palesner and I am a believer again.  And then there was that time I had a Twizzler-flavored ale from 10 Barrel that about blew my mind…in a good way, I promise!   Admittidly, it’s been a while since I have gone through their lineup.  Maybe it’s time to give all their beers another try and hit them up the next time I am in Bend.  Having said that, I highly recommend this beer, and I would love to hear from anyone with an opinion regarding the brewery.


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