Drink this beer now!

3 Jan

This weekend I was passing through Hood River on the way home, when I decided it was close enough to lunchtime to stop at Double Mountain. Because I still had an hours drive I had the difficult task of picking my one beer. I passed up their standards, as I usually do, and selected, The Black Perle. A mighty fine choice my friends! Sorry, I do not have a picture but this beer was so good a had people know.
The Black Perle is a big rye stout, clocking in at 9.5% ABV and 65 IBUs. The Perle hops in the hop back adds so much to the stout it is one of my favorite Double Mountain beers, right up with the Clusterf#uck.
When I first brought the glass to my nose I noticed the sweet-spicy hops that melded perfectly with a notes of dark unsweetened chocolate. I first noted how different this beer was from many of Double Mountain’s standard beers, the body was full, rich and soft. This fit perfectly with the initial dark chocolate malts with a very light sweetness. This gave way to the rye and the sweet-spiciness if the Perle hops, which finishes the beer perfectly.
When I talked to the barkeep he did not know if this beer was to be a one off or will it return some day. Either way if you happen to find yourself in Hood River soon, drink this beer!


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