morning wood

22 Jan


Between this post and the camel toe post, our blog is going to get a whole lot of hits for all the wrong reasons! A little while back, Taphandle attended a small beer festival / fundraiser. At the event, they had a wall of mystery beers. For $5 you picked a random brown bag and you got to walk home with whatever beer was inside your bag. I walked home with Kassik’s Morning Wood IPA. Although the past event planner in me criticized that event pretty thoroughly, I do think the mystery wall of beer was a brilliant fundraising idea and fun for beer enthusiasts.

I had forgot this was sitting in my fridge until tonight when I was on a hunt for an IPA. I don’t even believe I’ve ever had a brew from Kassik’s so this was definitely a mystery for me. Here’s what I thought.

The aroma is almost all floral with just a hint of fruit – overripe fruit to be more precise.  There’s a dank, wet hop quality to it. Both fruity and bitter on the palette with a bit of a dry mouthfeel. It’s a medium-bodied, pretty standard IPA. The fruit hints at apricot. The bitter and resinous hop partnered with a lemon citrus peel. It’s got some decent depth but a little more dank than I prefer my IPAs. Not sure I would seek this out or add it to my standard IPA list, but I will give it extra points for befitting its name.

Any other beers from Kassik’s y’all recommend?


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