Christmas 2013, Beer #2: Flat Tail Brewing

5 Feb

ImageOf the six beer Brian gave us for Christmas, the second one I selected was Flat Tail Brewing‘s Little Green Dry Hop Saison.  I selected this beer strictly because the sooner one can drink a dry hopped beer the better, before those delicate hop aromas fade fast.

This beer is billed as a light sessions beer.  Pouring it in to the glass it meets that criteria immediately, the beer was a super light straw color, lighter than a bud.  Sorry the picture just doesn’t do the color justice. 

The nose surprisingly was dominated but the smell of fruit.  I got strong notes of pear, apple and maybe hints of pineapple.  Earthy hint from the saison yeast round out the aroma.  Surprisingly, for a dry hopped beer, the hops were not detectable at all.  Did the dry hopping already fade?

This Little Green Saison is suppose to be a light bodied, hop bomb made with a house strain of saison yeast.   The saison yeast is very present with a light earthy/mustiness which is quite approachable, with lots of fruit esters making this a complex brew.  The body is very light but just a hint of sweetness, which keeps the beer from being overly dry.  Now as far as the the hop bomb moniker, not so much.  I do not see this as a flaw.  To me, ‘hop bomb’ is a negative term for a beer, it connotes a brew with tons of hops used without skill or finesse.  This beer was clearly made with skill.  If I have one complaint, it would be the lack of hops in the aroma.  I would like to try this beer fresh and on tap to compare the flavor.

The Little Green was a nice break from the heavy winter beers but I am not done with them yet.  I will look this beer on the first really warm day of the year to drink while sitting on my stoop in the sun.


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