Snowpocalypse 2014

9 Feb
What do you do when you are snowed in?  Drink of course...

What do you do when you are snowed in? Drink of course…

Where to start?  If you live here, you get why this is so weird/frustrating.  Freezing rain and snow for 3 days in February?  Not very common around these parts.  The city basically shuts down and you find yourself homebound for days.  The city doesn’t salt the roads and only has 50 or so snowplows.  The side streets become quite the adventure during these events.  The bottom line: I have never wanted to take my kids to daycare so badly before!  The only way to stay sane is to drink.  Take it from me.

An Imperial IPA sounds about right.  Worthy Brewing has been garnering some good press lately, so this seemed worth a try.  It has a lovely color…sort of burnt orange/gold.  The smell is piney and a bit sticky with just a hint of the dank, which portends of good times ahead.  They claim that they “dry hop the bejeesuz” out of this beer, but I can’t verify that with my nose.  A bejeesuz seems like it would floor you.  This didn’t do that.  The taste starts sweet and immediately turns to mango, pineapple, and lemons.  It’s a nice tropical hop flavor.  Well done.  The beer isn’t as big as I would think for an imperial and a bit thinner than I would have expected.  8.5% is nothing to sneeze at, but there is something missing in the body for the style.  Although I must admit, the thinner nature of this beer plays well with the hop flavors.  This was fun to try.  Not sure I’m going to stock up or look for it at the pub, but worth a taste if you see it in the store.

Stay safe if you are in Portland and freaking out about the ice and snow.  If you aren’t from here, try not to judge the west-coasters too harshly.  Just relax and have a beer.


One Response to “Snowpocalypse 2014”

  1. Chad February 10, 2014 at 4:56 AM #

    Pixie dust away!

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