The Legend

19 Feb
My first beer club beverage…and it's a legend already.

My first beer club beverage…and it’s a legend already.

So I’m a member of a beer club now.  My mother got it for me as a gift for my birthday.  Not a bad gift, as gifts go…although the GIANT bone-in cured ham carried a bit more weight with my daughter.  She wanted to eat the whole thing in one sitting, but it will likely take me a year to finish it.  Good thing I can just leave it hanging in the garage.  But cured, bone-in hams aside, I went ahead and poured my first beer from my first month’s shipment.  Seemed like a good time to drink a brown ale from Legend Brewing, what with all the rain and wind.

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, Legend Brewing is 20 years old and is considered the largest independently owned craft brewery in the state.  Brown ales tend to be a forgotten style, in my opinion.  These days its all farmhouse ales and IPAs, and that’s fine.  But brown ales are kinda where I got my start with drinking craft beer and they hold a special place in my heart.  Can’t say I’ve had too many good ones lately, which could probably be explained by all the farmhouse ales and IPAs that are killing it out there.  But a brewery that’s been around 20 years and proudly cranks out the oldies can probably be counted on to do it right.  And they do.  Great brown color, nose of caramel and slight toasted malts.  Bitter and sweet upon first taste with a lovely nuttiness to the finish.  Body is just right for the style with some creaminess and lingering hops on the tongue.  I would love to have this on cask.  It’s a winner.

It’s great to have the opportunity to drink a beer from somewhere like Virginia, where I will probably never visit.  Even though I have never given much thought to joining one of these clubs, it was a great idea on my Mom’s part.  This shipment also contained Legend’s Pale Ale (I will post on this one soon) and Apocalypse and Pray for Snow from 10 Barrel (I know! I know! What a rip-off this month, right?).  Even though those are available to me anytime, it means others around the country are getting to try two really great 10 Barrel beers this month, when they probably wouldn’t have that opportunity otherwise.  I look forward to the interesting experiences from around the country that are on their way to my house over the next 12 months.


One Response to “The Legend”

  1. Chad February 20, 2014 at 5:50 PM #

    Sounds good man. Am hoping to find good Southern Brown in the Atl in April!!!

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