I’ll take some MOA

9 Mar

MOA imperial stout

Damn it’s been a long week. And I’m about ready to embark on another one. Although this one should be better. Last week brought four doctor’s appointments, a MRI, and six prescriptions – I probably shouldn’t be having a beer. But sometimes you just need one, or at least a taste of one. I can be honest with all of you since none of you know my doctors, and I’m positive none of my doctors read this blog. Luckily, Michael was willing to “take one for the team” (hah!) and help me drink this little gem so I wouldn’t feel too guilty.

I picked up this bottle last week at the Tin Bucket. One of my favorite new neighborhood hangouts and beer places here in Portland. They know their beer, always have a new selection, and the service is still great. Plus, they have a house deck of Cards Against Humanity for those “special” nights. Hmmm…maybe I need to do a future post on them. But for now just know that they have a great selection on tap that you can drink in-house or take in a pressurized growler to-go, and they have a great selection of bottles in the cooler. This little bottle of MOA, an Imperial Stout aged in Pinot Noir barrels, caught my eye and it’s been tempting me every night when I look into my fridge. So, here goes, I hope it’s been worth the “wait.”

A delicious looking pour that is near but not quite black, think an 85% cocoa dark chocolate bar (mmmm…my fave), with a slight latte colored head of tight bubbles that lingered for the full glass. My intrigue definitely continued as I enjoyed the complex aromas. There are fermented and dried fruits on the nose of mostly berries and stone fruits with a little mustiness, reminiscent of a nice after dinner Port. This is complimented by sweet dark malts and hints of toasted coconut.

Now for the moment of truth: this beer is initially very rich from the dark malts, then you get a nice dose of the fruit with some residual sugars and sweetness, followed by a soft tannic finish that is almost dry. During that final shift to the tannic, the fruit flavors on the tongue shift slightly – and its very hard to describe. It’s almost sour, without being sour, that isn’t the right word. It’s almost to a green fruit flavor, not quite tart either. It’s perplexing and complex. Something a great beer offers its drinker.

Overall, I think the Pinot Barrels leant more of their oakiness & tannins than fruit but since the label doesn’t say it was aged on any of the fruit that is to be expected. The alcohol, at 10.2%, really isn’t detectable and this is quite the smooth stout. A beer that would be very dangerous if it came in any bigger of a bottle. This is a nice fireside sipping beer or one to just get you through the next week (or recover from the week before). I highly recommend to any fan of beer or stouts. My only warning is to not drink this one too cold (let it warm to at least 48-52 degrees) or you might get too sharp of a toasted quality and not truly enjoy this beer. I do recommend the snifter glass and a side of that extra dark chocolate bar. Now, go conquer the week ahead.


One Response to “I’ll take some MOA”

  1. grotusque March 17, 2014 at 1:02 PM #

    This place sounds awesome.

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