Beer fridge….I knew thee well

23 Mar

photo 4We have all have been in situation where making small talk is just a requirement.  Inevitably the question, “well what do you do?”, will be asked.  Now, I like to believe my career is both interesting and important, but as person who works to live, this typical polite response is incomplete.  Some of this is may fault as I am not much for talk, small or otherwise, in such social situation.  If fact a walk through of my basement dose a better job of answering the question better than I so.  In one corner there are my bikes and tool, another fishing poles and tackle, but for most the center of the room will grab their attention first.  A homemade mash tun, kettle, carboys and a full sized beer fridge takes of more than their fair share of room in the basement.

Well,  earlier in the week I went down to the basement to get our third Christmas beer from Brian, Three Creek’s: Rudolph’s Imperial Red Ale, and out from the bottom of my beer fridge ran a dark oily substance.  The inside of the fridge was warm….my beer fridge was dead!  I drink beer, write about beer and I make beer.  Beer is commonly exchanged as gift between our friends.  I makes up at a small part of all of our vacation.  Beer is a serious to me.  This beer fridge is important.

At first I panicked about the short term,  I have six gallon of bock slowing finishing up in the carboy that will need a cold place once bottles condition.  I just got a keg of Lompoc’s yet to name IPA, that will be add to the standard beer list (it is damn tasty by the way).

Now that I have a few days to think about this, these are not such terrible beer problems, I have friends who will be more than happy to take a bottle or three of my home brew and same friends will stop by for a pint if I ice down the keg.  The worst of it is I will be loosing the stickers that decorate the fridge.  I know this sounds a bit childish but they are reminders memories of a lot of Miranda and my travels.  There are trips to Seattle, GABF in Denver, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and of course the short trips for beer around Portland.  All wonderful memories of good times shared over a good beer with family and friends.  Yes, I will miss the beer fridge.


2 Responses to “Beer fridge….I knew thee well”

  1. Miranda March 23, 2014 at 9:48 AM #

    May she rest in peace 😦


  1. Rudolph’s Imperial Red Ale | taphandle - April 13, 2014

    […] with a bomber of Rudolph’s Imperial Red Ale from Three Creeks Brewing when the ghost of my beer fridge started to haunt my basement.  A bottle of our coffee porter “mysteriously” blew up. […]

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