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30 Mar
Spot on, old chap.  Spot on.

Spot on, old chap. Spot on.

I managed to have several really good beers this weekend, which isn’t that amazing when you think about where I live.  Even though you can often get 3 or 4 really great beers in one day here in Portland, I thought these three all deserved a little love on the blog.  

I started the weekend with Gigantic Brewing’s Bang On! English Pale.  They call it a mash-up of British malts and American hops and what a lovely little malt/hop bomb  it was!  It had a nice nuttiness and an interesting kick of citrusy hops.  Very, very sessionable.  I really enjoyed this beer from start to finish. Gigantic just kills it, almost every time out.  I have yet to try a beer of their’s that didn’t hit the mark.  These guys are starting to creep up into “must visit” territory for any out-of-town guests I have that are into beer.  If you are not from Portland, you should check this place out whenever you come to visit.  If you are from Portland, you should be drinking this beer as often as possible.

Bright and sunny…unlike the bulk of my weekend.

Bright and sunny…unlike the bulk of my weekend.

This afternoon I had a Bridgeport Trilogy #1.  They label it as a Crystal Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, but I put it closer to a pilsner in taste and body.  It is the first of three beers they are releasing this year to celebrate their 30 years of brewing in Portland.  It’s a great drinking beer for that 15 minutes of sunlight you get on a spring afternoon in Portland.  It’s snappy, with a very light malt profile that finishes dry and citrusy.  Very citrusy, actually.  Lemon is the flavor I would give it.  Wish I could still get this when summer rolls around and we actually have 90 degree days.  It would be spectacular then.  I have had it on tap a few places around town.  It’s totally worth a try if you like a lighter body with a pretty intense hop flavor.

Mmmmmm…sour ale.

Mmmmmm…sour ale.

Finished up tonight with the Devil’s Kriek from Double Mountain.  This Red Belgian-style sour is aged for a year on Bing Cherries and is fermented with wild Brett.  It has that dry finish you would expect from the Brett, but all that aging on cherries has left it with a pretty intense sweetness.  It really keeps the beer from being to puckery.  I don’t often buy a beer like this in a bottle (mainly due to the price…$14 or so!), but since I don’t get out to Hood River near enough, I thought I would splurge.  Great way to finish the weekend, I must say.

IMG_1296On a non-beer related note (which is rare around these parts), the wife and I managed to get out for a kid-free dinner at Navarre, yesterday.  It was awesome.  But what made it even more awesome were the drinks we had before dinner, next door, at Angel Face.  This little French-inspired joint feels a bit Wes Anderson-y, but it works.  A couple of guys that I know, Tim Davey and Kelley Swenson, tend the bar there.  Not for nothing, but they are crushing it with the cocktails my friends.  Not only that, but the food menu was really impressive.  You’re not going to get a burger there, but if you want some seriously well put-together drinks with a fantastic steak tartare or cheese board, well…you are in luck.  Plus, you won’t find two nicer, more genuine people than Tim and Kelley.  They are really, really great bartenders.  Old school in a lot of ways.  Dedicated to the experience and service of a joint that slings cocktails.  Their schtick is not having a cocktail menu, but just put yourself in their hands.  You won’t regret it.  Ask Tim for the Davenport.  Best cocktail I’ve had in years.


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