Rudolph’s Imperial Red Ale

13 Apr

photo 1Once again I am tardy posting my latest beer review.  This past Wednesday day I sat down with a bomber of Rudolph’s Imperial Red Ale from Three Creeks Brewing when the ghost of my beer fridge started to haunt my basement.  A bottle of our coffee porter “mysteriously” blew up.  It had to be a ghost and not because I left a bottle of home brew at room temperature with am already distended cap.  Well, I had to set by review aside and clean up the mess.  Every home brewer has a good exploding bottle story and now I have mine.  It is a classic story of beer on the ceiling, glass strangely far from where the beer was, and because the bottle was in a box staked on another case, dozens of sticky bottles to clean.

Enough of my brewing stories, lets get back to the beer.  The Rudolph’s Imperial Red Ale poured a deep red with limited head in the glass as it was poured and no retention.  An aesthetic issue, not at a strike against this beer in my opinion.  The nose was of rich roasted malt with a subtile hint of the hops.  With the first taste it is clear, this is a big beer.  Huge body of rich lightly roasted malts, which reminded me of toffee and dried fruit.  To balance all this malt there was plenty of hoppy bitterness.  The bitterness was spicy and crisp reminding me of English hops.  I was surprised by the finish as I general find beer with such malty heft are very good at hiding their higher alcohol content but this beer was quite warming.

I am drawn to beers that do not fit any classic beer category.  It is a chance for the brewer to show their skills without concern of the constraints of the BJCP style guidelines.  This beer is all of that, a beautiful red, 8.5% ABV, strong malt and equally strong hop.    Overall I really liked this beer, up there with TG’s Festivale and Lagunitas Brown Shugga.



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