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13 Apr
Totally underrated beer

Totally underrated beer

The past couple of weeks I’ve realized how much beer I tend to consume over a weekend.  Makes sense that I would keep track of it and update readers with a few beers at a time, right? It’s a bit of a cheat, really.  Instead of multiple posts, I get to be a bit lazy and get it up all at once.  Whatever.  It’s more Dennis Miller than Seth Myers probably.  Seth seemed like a hard worker.  Dennis felt like he was always mailing it in. Nealon?  That guy seemed like he had to work twice as hard to look half as good as Miller.  Sometimes talent wins out, I guess.

Started off with a Good Life Mountain Rescue Dry-Hop Pale Ale (what a mouthful) on Friday night.  I, like many others in Portland, see Descender IPA from Good Life all over town.  Mountain Rescue is not one you find on taps very often, but I think it’s a better beer than Descender.  Problem is, I rarely buy it, even though the 22 oz bombers can be found in just about every grocery store around.  I decided that I needed something familiar and comforting after work, so it was a pretty easy choice.  It’s sort of like having a familiar friend over to hang out.  You just feel comfortable drinking it.  The hop flavors in this beer veer towards tropical fruits instead of the more typical citrus flavors you see today  When combined with the assertive malt flavors in the beer, it makes for a unique NW ale that’s more of an English Pale than it is American.  It’s only 5.5% and 40 IBUs, so it’s not a problem to drink a bomber.  Just enough to wind you down at the end of the week.  You may frequently pass this up when you’re in the bottle shop or beer aisle, but I say give it a chance.  You might be surprised.

A very good lunch beer

A very good lunch beer

Saturday?  Well…Saturday was when I decided to get after it.  A little lunch-time sun on the back porch?  Decided to pull out a Widmer Columbia Common for that.  A bit a-typical for the northwest, it’s an ale with all kinds of lagerish qualities.  It’s got a bicuity nose with that low-key, spicy hop character.  The body is light with some faint apricot and honey flavors to compliment the bready malts. More importantly the hops are there to compliment not dominate.  Widmer calls it a Spring Ale, and that just fine with me.  Not sure what kind of season is best for this beer, but it tasted good sitting in the sun.  It’s not really hot out right now, but when Portland weather teases you in April, you gotta play along and drink accordingly.

death by IPA please

death by IPA please

But the star of Saturday?  The star was the Fort George Suicide Squeeze.  This Session IPA clocks in at 4.5%, making it an all-day drinker.  And believe me, you’ll want to drink it all day.  I had one last weekend at a buddy’s house and I wish I could say that I knew about it before having it, but the truth is that I was caught totally unaware by this little gem.  They used Mosaic and Citra hops in this beauty and it shows up like gangbusters in the nose.  Super grapefruit intensity, right off the bat.  What follows is orange, mango and lemon.  The beer is really light bodied but soft.  The tastes you get are all about the hops, with that grapefruit and lemon doing big work over that “just right” malt profile.  The beer just lays up in your mouth like a down comforter.  It is smooth and crazy drinkable.  I bought two 4-packs, because that’s all they had left and I had heard that what I could find now was all that was left from the release a month ago.  If you stumble across it in the next week or two, do not pass it over.  It’s amazing.

Like a moth to the flame, I went right back at the Suicide Squeeze today while doing yard work.  Damn. Fine. Beer. I have four left in my fridge.  Convince me to share and I’ll give it some thought.  Otherwise, those four will be lucky to see Tuesday.

Hope your beer drinking this weekend was as enjoyable/productive as mine.



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