feeling salty

17 Apr

photo 1There are a few things in life that are good in just about any form. Coffee and chocolate are two that I can think of…a cup of coffee, coffee candy, coffee ice cream, coffee beer…you get the picture. One of my other loves is salted caramel. The salted caramel macaroons from Pix, salted caramel candy bars, salted caramel ice cream…in fact, I just finished a bag of chocolate covered salted caramel eggs. So when Michael saw Breakside Brewery’s Salted Caramel Stout he immediately thought of me and brought it home. Especially since it was brewed in collaboration with Salt n Straw, who just so happens to make my favorite salted caramel ice cream: sea salt with caramel ribbon.

I was definitely intrigued but I admit, a little hesitant. Most of these type of beers go too far or are made for folks that don’t even really like beer. But I’ve enjoyed Breakside’s beers and I’ve been very impressed with Salt n Straw. We went to a dinner they did with Lincoln and their pairings with the entrees and appetizers were amazing. So this one had a lot of potential too.

So how was it? A solid, enjoyable dry stout. Caramel and dark roasted malts with a noticeable brine that plays really well with the dryness of the beer. There is a long aftertaste with a hint of sweetness that isn’t really present in the beer. Like a salted caramel you need a good dose of salt to balance the sweetness. Same here. It isn’t salty but the salt is noticeable and it helps compliment the malt in this beer. The balance here is nailed. It’s pretty surprising for something with candy in it (which definitely isn’t normally my favorite and frankly, barely noticeable) and for something with a name that makes you think of a dessert. Beers with these kind of names are normally over the top or cloying or both. But this is really enjoyable, well-rounded and complex. I think it’s even an everyday stout, a stout for everyone. So if you see it, I recommend it. Same with the ice cream from Salt n Straw.

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