just another weekday

24 Apr
foamy but tasty

foamy but tasty

A co-worker mentioned that he needed to “pick up some more de Garde” on his way home tonight.  That was all the push I needed to open this beer up.  Been wanting to drink their beers for some time, just haven’t gotten around to grabbing this out of the back of the beer fridge.  Their focus is spontaneous fermentations that are inspired by European traditions, and they’re located in Tillamook, OR.  Just awesome.  So glad I felt inspired.  This particular beer is the Spears Wild Farmhouse Pale aged in oak gin barrels.  As you can see from the pictures, this bottle was well-carbonated.  It would seem to be bottle conditioned, based on the sediment layer on the bottom.  Right after pouring, the bottle started spitting up foam.  Not sure what got it a tad over carbonated, but they might want to dial that back a bit, if possible.  Didn’t make for a great first pour.  The rest of the beer, though?  You pick up a lot of oak in the nose, with a whiff of juniper and spices.  The beer starts off dry, with subtle hop notes that give way to an even subtler malt flavor that has hints of apricot and marmalade.  As you swallow the beer sweeps aside everything with its dryness and some of that woody barrel flavor. At 5%, its not going to knock you out.  The oak and gin notes are subtle, unlike a lot beer that comes from whiskey/bourbon barrels.  I’ve noticed this about beer aged in gin barrels.  Lighter and more drinkable in quantity.  This is good enough to drink in quantity, believe me.

It would seem that I too need to pick up some more de Garde.  Probably need to get out to Tillamook and drink at the brewery as well.  Anybody been out there or had any of their other offerings in Portland?  I got this one at the Tin Bucket.  I know Bridgetown Beerhouse carries some of their stuff.  Where else?  Give me the details in comments.


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