we are three friends with a shared love for craft beer. we like craft beer a lot, and so we also drink it a lot. and then we find ourselves talking about it a lot – always wanting to share with the other what we just drank or what brewery we just visited. we are also homebrewers, which has enhanced our experience with craft beer. this little blog is just a venue for us to record our adventures in beer here in portland, and elsewhere, during our travels. and i guess we’re sharing those experiences on the off chance that we can help a fellow traveller set their beer itinerary, support our friends drinking habits by introducing them to other great beers, or let a stranger know where they can find a great brew on a friday night.

the three of us at Gigantic Brewing, Spring 2013

the three of us at Gigantic Brewing, Spring 2013

I was born and raised in the Mecca of El Paso, Texas, and spent 15 years in Las Cruces, New Mexico, before moving to Portland in 2007. Upon my arrival, I immediately enrolled at Western Culinary Institute, with the intent to do God-knows-what.  I have spent the last several years taking on private catering gigs and teaching cooking classes, when not working at my day job.  My exposure to the beer of the northwest and my general curiosity regarding the creation of food and drink led me to try home brewing.  I am currently fascinated with the pairing of food and beer, and am always looking to learn more about both.  I am lucky to have a gorgeous wife and beautiful daughter who indulge much of my insanity and curiosity regarding both.  I don’t particularly gravitate to any one style of beer, but my favorite beer these days is Hair of the Dog’s Blue Dot.

I had my first craft beer over 13 years ago. It was the night I first went out with Michael, my eventual husband. I suppose thats telling for where we are today. We enjoy brewing beer with Brian, trying new craft beer wherever we can find it, and collecting beers for our beer cellar. As a native Oregonian, I’m pretty sure this life was inevitable. I was born and raised in Albany, and then left for ten years to explore, before reclaiming my roots here in Portland. These days I find myself interested in trying as many different beers as possible, especially now with more and more unique, specialty beers being offered. I like testing my palate and finding beers I love in styles I typically don’t like and trying to pinpoint differences between similar beers. I also like to see how food pairings can change or enhance a beer. Typically my favorite beers are well-balanced. And what I drink on any given day is generally reflective of my mood – as unpredictable as a gemini. That said, one could say I have a hoarding problem when it comes to porters and stouts. And if you need to find me, chances are I am at Lompoc’s Sidebar.

I can still remember my first microbrew, a Shakespearian stout.  From that point on, I would try any craft beer I could get my hands on, whether it was at Walt’s, during my time at Oregon State, or at BierKraft, an excellent bottle shop in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2005, my wife, Miranda, and I moved back to Oregon.  In Portland, I had all these new brewpubs to explore.  Finding new pubs/breweries everywhere we travel has become something we truly enjoy.  Because of this, I have tasted many a great beer throughout Oregon, including Barley Brown’s Chaos, an outstanding, aged CDA, and across the country, including Six Point’s Harbinger, an excellent dry-hopped saison.  Along the way, I started talking about making my own beer, but it wasn’t until Miranda gave me the push, and support, I needed to jump into homebrewing with both feet.   This has solidified my belief that there are too many great ways to combine barley, hops, yeast and water to make or enjoy only one style of beer.

Holiday Ale Fest 2010

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