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Christmas Eve

24 Dec

Christmas Eve is typically a day and night for the wife and I to get together with friends in Portland who are sans-family in the area.  We make Posole and tamales (our New Mexico tradition coming out) and drink beer until 11:00 or so.  Usually late enough that I am stuck putting some stupid kid-shit together until 2 am.  Not this year baby!  The tamales and posole were still on the menu, but I managed to get the toys together on the 23rd, so it was beer time at the Harper’s.  Miranda and Michael joined us, as they always do, and we decided to dig into the plethora of beers in my garage.  I managed to convince the two that we should do a tasting of the Sam Adams Holiday Pack.  Not sure why this struck me as something fun to do, because in hindsight it was not the best of ideas.  On a positive note, it’s not Bud.  But when that’s some of the best you have to offer a beer…well…you understand where we’re coming from, don’t you?  I am probably going to be dropping the remanants of that 12 pack on a street corner for a local Portland homeless person to have on Christmas.  Regardless, here are our notes from the “tasting”.  I use quotation marks because it’s debatable if this was a legitimate beer tasting or not. Continue reading


leaving on a jet plane

29 Nov

We are headed out of town tomorrow.  The wife, child and I are headed to the Lone Star State for my brother’s wedding.  Then it’s on to visit more family in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM.  This brother is the last of the four boys to marry, so it is kind of  big deal to the parents.  We will be staying in the gulf town of Port Aransas, in a beach house overlooking the ocean.  Lots of family in one house?  That’s a recipe for drinking!

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