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Drink Organic

30 Jun

Let the beer festivals begin! July is craft beer month here in Oregon, and literally, there are more beer events, activities, and festivals than there are days in the month. Did you say, “but it’s not July?” Good point. See, there are so many events, that they have to spill over a little. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I know, I know…the curse of the blessed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. It does, however, require you to prioritize: pick your favorites? pick a couple new events? a little of both?

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My Bloody Valentine

14 Feb

Well we aren’t much for valentines day. Never have been. It wasn’t til we got home from work that I suggested takeout to celebrate so we wouldn’t have to cook! I can find pretty much any reason not to clean a kitchen and do dishes on a week night. A holiday? That is the easiest excuse and most guilt free reason I can think of. Then I thought, holidays aren’t complete without beer either. And in this town, I was certain I could find a valentines beer. And that’s how our takeout plans morphed into a trip to Seraveza.

For all you beer lovers out there, Alameda Brewing made My Bloody Valentine for this lust-filled, candy-fueled, pink-drenched holiday. Continue reading

Turkey Day Prep

23 Nov

So here I am, standing over the stove with a beer, making a roux for my gravy.  Hold on.  Let me take a step back and allow us all to get our bearings on this post.

Every year, my wife and I invite over friends who don’t have immediate family in the Portland-area for a Thanksgiving feast.  I make a giant turkey in my roasting box (I do pigs too!) and top it off with all the trimmings.  We watch football, drink homebrew, and generally eat until we are uncomfortable.  Then I get real quiet and sit on my couch in a food coma.  You know, like everyone else in this country (with the exception of the homebrew… that’s an Oregon thing).  Continue reading

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