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Prepare for Chaos

13 Feb

So I’m sitting at an Irish pub at the Dallas airport. Unfortunately I cannot report on drinking an amazing brew, let alone a local beer. I was hoping for a Lone Star at least but alas, none to be found. So I’m just sipping on a Smithwicks and a Guinness as I kill this three hour layover. But y’all know what those taste like and they are not earth shattering, so nothing to report, but they are good enough with my fish n chips. Continue reading


a new favorite

19 Aug

photo 6

this was our first year attending the IIPA Fest at Saraveza. our perception was that it would be crowded and crazy given the small space and the hyper-hop beer culture around here. i expected the usual suspects plus a handful of douchey “gotta be seen there” types. i also wondered if we would find a whole bunch of overdone, over-thought beers that you couldn’t enjoy a full pour of. but it was michael’s birthday. and he has a fondness for well-crafted IIPAs and hops that smack ya in the face. so…what the hell!!

and?…we were pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

it’s been a while

5 Aug

beers at bridgetown

no shit it’s been a while. as i scroll through the last dozen or so posts, my name does not appear in the author column. not one fucking time. i’m sure this comes as no surprise to “our fans” who i am sure have dearly missed my ever so poignant beer reviews and sarcastic style. thank you! i’ve missed you too!  Continue reading

Bigger Badder Blacker on a Monday Night

25 Jan

It is a rare event that I go out on a Monday night for a beer.  As in: I have a three-year old rare.  But occasionally something comes up and piques my interest enough for me to cash in some hard-earned “points” from the wife for a weeknight beer.  Last night was one of those nights.  Miranda had come across an ad for the Bigger Badder Blacker Beer Week at Belmont Station and passed it along to Michael and I.  Normally I read these with interest but resign myself to the fact that I will talk about making it the following weekend, always forgetting to do so.  This time though?  This time I saw that they were pouring Barley Brown’s Turmoil.

Now I see beers on menus that I want to try all the time.  That doesn’t mean I rush out at the first opportunity to try them.  Why was this different?  Well…Michael and Miranda, over the years, have constantly regaled me with the story of their trip to Baker City and an awe-inspiring tasting of the Turmoil from several years ago.  That night the brewer, Shawn Kelso, took some time to talk with them and also share some Chaos (aged Turmoil) that was slated for that particular year’s GABF.  Michael has raved about the Turmoil and Chaos ever since and claims it is his favorite CDA/Black IPA of all time.  Consequently, it was important that I made an honest effort to see what all the fuss was about. Continue reading

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