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a new favorite

19 Aug

photo 6

this was our first year attending the IIPA Fest at Saraveza. our perception was that it would be crowded and crazy given the small space and the hyper-hop beer culture around here. i expected the usual suspects plus a handful of douchey “gotta be seen there” types. i also wondered if we would find a whole bunch of overdone, over-thought beers that you couldn’t enjoy a full pour of. but it was michael’s birthday. and he has a fondness for well-crafted IIPAs and hops that smack ya in the face. so…what the hell!!

and?…we were pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

sticky sweet

19 May
There's a place in my life for all kinds of beers...even the really hoppy ones.

There’s a place in my life for all kinds of beers…even the really hoppy ones.

There’s been a recent kerfuffle regarding the Slate article that tackled the idea of hoppy beer being a turn-off for American craft beer drinkers.  The author takes the stance that all the focus on hops these days is turning off the average, or run-of-the-mill craft beer drinker.  It has spurred a post here, and I am sure there are more to come.  Not sure I want to wade too deep into this issue, but there has clearly been a shift to more aggressively hopped beers in the industry.  I have to say though, that it was pretty prescient to read all this discussion as I got ready to open a beer called Sticky Hands.    Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

IMG_0865 Whether you are celebrating the landing of cupid’s arrow or the feast of a mysterious saint or whether you prefer to observe Galentine’s Day, I hope you are doing so with a beer. Nothing better than raising a pint of lovely craft beer to toast your friends, your mom, your partner, your daughter’s birthday, your own awesomeness…you name it.

For such a special occasion, you may want to consider a 22oz bottle of Block 15’s Super Nebula.  We just enjoyed the 2011 Vintage and it is just God Damn Beautiful! Continue reading

Brewvana Mid-Valley Brewery tour. Third Stop: Les Caves and Block 15

12 Feb

When we first talked about taking the Brewvana/New School beer tour to Albany and Corvalis, there was some discussion about how the write-up would be handled.  I can say that at the time, I was thrilled to be doing the last leg of the tour.  That meant I could relax and enjoy the experience of going into the first couple of breweries and tasting their beer without worrying about getting it all straight in my notes.  Seems reasonable, right?  By the time we reached Les Caves, I was no longer thrilled at how it had all worked out… Continue reading

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