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Firestone Walker’s XVI Anniversary Ale

2 May

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For my 39th birthday, almost one year ago, I received a 22 of  Firestone Walker’s 16th anniversary ale.  As part of my mission to drink the beer that is now stored in the “food” fridge, I selected this one.  I think I should have read the bottle before cracking the cap, as this big boy clocks in at 13% ABV.  Not really a school night beer.  Who I am kidding, it is going to be summer-like outside and I am going to spend most of the day wishing I wasn’t inside. So being a bit slow in the morning will matter very little. Continue reading


Beer fridge….I knew thee well

23 Mar

photo 4We have all have been in situation where making small talk is just a requirement.  Inevitably the question, “well what do you do?”, will be asked.  Now, I like to believe my career is both interesting and important, but as person who works to live, this typical polite response is incomplete.  Some of this is may fault as I am not much for talk, small or otherwise, in such social situation.  If fact a walk through of my basement dose a better job of answering the question better than I so.  In one corner there are my bikes and tool, another fishing poles and tackle, but for most the center of the room will grab their attention first.  A homemade mash tun, kettle, carboys and a full sized beer fridge takes of more than their fair share of room in the basement. Continue reading

accidental hiatus

13 Oct
catch you here sometime

catch you here sometime

Do you ever just wonder where the hell all your time went?  I have generally kept up a good schedule here on Taphandle, but man…did the last couple of weeks get away from me, or what?  Total accident, people.  I clearly owe some posts.  Luckily there is plenty of beer to be reviewed.  Now that we’re officially into Fall in the Pacific NW, I want to get around to seasonally appropriate brews (yes, that means a Pumpkin beer will be consumed and reviewed soon). Continue reading

Speakeasy Double Daddy

30 Jul


For Miranda’s Birthday, a month ago, my friend Ben helped me smoke some trout. Well he smoked the trout, I just watched. Now my Miranda is planning a friends baby shower, and she wants more smoked trout for appetizers. I can do this, I saw it done once, right? So here I am watching the smoker smoke and drinking Speakeasy’s Double Daddy Imperial IPA.

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Beer drought

7 Mar

Yes, drought…not draught. I haven’t enjoyed a delicious, crisp, cold pint of beer in almost three weeks. And a week before that I was out of the game with the stomach bug. I haven’t been able to adequately celebrate my team’s rise to the top spot in college basketball…for the very FIRST time! That’s right! GO ZAGS!!

My immune system hasn’t had much luck this winter. But I’ve been to two full workouts and I think my chest cold is nearly undetectable at this point. I think I deserve a tasty beverage! And a little celebration. Hopefully I have fully paid my dues because this year’s march madness is going to be crazier than ever. Hopefully even crazier than 1999.

So to celebrate my zags and my health, I’ve decided to pop open another one of the beers from Cousin Mike in California: Knee Deep Brewing Co.’s Simtra. A triple IPA! It’s a good night to go big.

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