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Revolution brewing….still waiting

16 Apr

Monday evening 7pm at Revolution brewing, one would think there would be an open table, right? One would be wrong, the wait was 45 minutes. Like in Portland with our 40+ breweries, here in Chicago, and their 10+ breweries, one brewer I talked to said in creating something new they run into the doubters that push this idea the city is near saturation. One more brewery is just too much. I say this is a big bag of shit. The time I have had to wait for a good beer at a brewery, on a Monday no less, clearly show otherwise.

So, at Revolution, we waited. Luckily we found space at the bar next to a local, Brian, who was willing to share his favorite places for beer and food around the city. His special beer mug was enough to give weight to his suggest, a mug from Revolution, as he has been bellying up to the bar since the very day they opened. Talking with Chicago Brian, the time pasted quickly and we got our table. We said goodbye, hungry we went straight for the food menu.

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Half Acre: twin taprooms

16 Apr

Well, anther day in Chicago another beer or should I say beers. The day started out with tasting four beers at Begyle brewing. Miranda will be writing more about Begyle but Kevin, the brewer, was such a gracious host I had to say something. If I am ever in Chicago again, I will be drinking a few pints of Begyle’s best.

From Begyle we had to get a late lunch. The burger at the Bad Apple was excellent. My stomach needed to be full before returning to the drink at Half Acre‘s taproom. Or should I say taprooms.

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In public with Cameltoe

14 Apr

When we travel, Miranda and I rarely rent a car, so we explore all the place we can walk to or we make a quick study of the transit system. Tonight was an exception, Miranda’s friend Damir lives in Chicago and together we drove out to A Piece, brewery and pizzeria. A Piece is still very much in Chicago but a little beyond walking.

First the pizza was very tasty but continuing the theme from last night there was an hour and a half wait for a table. But hey, there was standing room, a nice beer list (both their own and guest taps) and for such a hip part of town barkeeps with hustle.

My first ale of the night was the Disfuctionale. The beer started the night off right. A medium to full bodied pale that stood well with hops that came on strong and crisp finishing with a hint of citrus grapefruitiness. I liked this beer and thought I would have a few but there were more beers to try and an hour and fifteen wait left.

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