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Merry Sick-mas

27 Dec
Everyone should get beer for Christmas

Everyone should get beer for Christmas

I have been sick for two weeks.  The simple explanation is that kids are disgusting little disease factories.  I love my kids, but they messed me up this year.  Third year in a row that I have been sick right at, or immediately around, Christmas.  Sucks.

Know what doesn’t suck?  This Filament Winter IPA from Ecliptic Brewing.  New dogs on the block and already in bottles.  Pretty impressive.  Of course, when your brewer is John Harris (who developed the recipes for Mirror Pond, Black Butte, and Jubelale at Deschutes and spent 20 years as Brewmaster at Full Sail) you are already starting in a prime position in the market.  Of course, you still got to make good beer, not rest on your laurels.  I haven’t tasted the range of offerings at Ecliptic yet, but if this beer is any indication of quality, Portland is in for a treat.  This beer is all caramel and spicy hops, which makes it perfect for the holidays.  Sometimes caramel malts are overused in IPAs, but here it is done to perfection.  The hops just touch on citrus and pine before bowing out to the spicy hops that compliments the malt so well.  It’s perfectly bitter and sweet all at once and very, very approachable.  I could drink this year round.

This was a bottle I got as a gift on Christmas Eve (thanks, Jess!) and I couldn’t be happier with it.  More people should give me beer on Christmas.  It’s too bad I couldn’t drink more the last two weeks, but I am going to try and make up for it by tucking into a few bottles in the next couple of days.  Hope everyone out there had a great Holiday, was able to find some new beers to love, and found time to sip some old favorites.  Here’s to hoping next Christmas is sickness free!


Christmas morning

25 Dec
I did pretty well for myself this year

I did pretty well for myself this year

How does a grown-ass man get so much stuff for Christmas?  Not that I don’t appreciate it, but it feels a tad overwhelming…where am I going to put all this shit?

I will say that I really loved the hand-made knife my brother got me.  Sweet gift, bro!  I sat back and surveyed the loot with a Flat Tail Tailgater Kolsch.  Solid, solid beer.  Light, crisp, and super tasty with all those grassy/biscuit notes you want this style.

I was singing while drinking this

I was singing while drinking this

After getting the Red Chile Pork on for dinner, I decided to kick back with some NBA (Heat/Thunder…go Thunder) and a Fa La La La La from Double Mountain.  Typical Double Mountain beer, too.  Beautiful gold/orange in color with a knockout malt profile that is balanced perfectly with the hops.  I love their beers.

Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa.  I got my wife and kids, so it all worked out perfectly for me (cheesy, I know…but that’s what Christmas does to me, people!).  Be on the lookout for a post from Mike tonight…I am going to make him do one from my house after dinner.  If I don’t, it’ll never happen.

Weekend Session

9 Dec

IMG_0345I love this beer.  I don’t much like the regular or the black version, but this red lager is great to drink.  And today is one of those misty, cold, Portland winter days that finds me indoors baking (today it’s scones) and hanging with the family.  Hope everyone had a great beer weekend…from the looks of my buddy Chad’s post, he certainly did.  Mike and I brewed on Saturday (Winter Red Ale) and drank some fantastic Upright Apricot Seven and their Pear Wood Smoked Lager after at Belmont Station.  It doesn’t get much better than Portland, does it?

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