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weekend drinks

30 Mar
Spot on, old chap.  Spot on.

Spot on, old chap. Spot on.

I managed to have several really good beers this weekend, which isn’t that amazing when you think about where I live.  Even though you can often get 3 or 4 really great beers in one day here in Portland, I thought these three all deserved a little love on the blog.   Continue reading

something red, something new

23 Aug
Beautiful beer...too bad it's not my style

Beautiful beer…too bad it’s not my style

Even though Hood River is home to all kinds of good breweries, Double Mountain is the only place I ever seem to visit when I go (their pizzas rock!).  Last time we were there, I noticed some Belgian-Style beers in the cooler.  Even though the style is not one I usually seek out, I thought it was worth seeing what DM could do with it. Continue reading

a new favorite

19 Aug

photo 6

this was our first year attending the IIPA Fest at Saraveza. our perception was that it would be crowded and crazy given the small space and the hyper-hop beer culture around here. i expected the usual suspects plus a handful of douchey “gotta be seen there” types. i also wondered if we would find a whole bunch of overdone, over-thought beers that you couldn’t enjoy a full pour of. but it was michael’s birthday. and he has a fondness for well-crafted IIPAs and hops that smack ya in the face. so…what the hell!!

and?…we were pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

what a cluster

10 Jul
Cluster of tastiness

Cluster of tastiness

I know some people haven’t been as high on Clusterfuck this year.  Last year’s was especially good, but I gotta say…I happen to enjoy this year’s version, too.  There is definitely a difference, based on what I remember from last year. Not sure there was a big difference in the recipes, but maybe the hops they used were slightly different based on this year’s crop?  Whatever the reason for the difference, I still enjoy this version.  With it hot in the house when I got home, it was the perfect antidote.  Crisp, with a nice intense bitterness and hint of citrus that finishes dry…like most DM beers.  It has only become available in bottles this year, so see if any of these are left in your local bottle shops and give it a go.

Christmas morning

25 Dec
I did pretty well for myself this year

I did pretty well for myself this year

How does a grown-ass man get so much stuff for Christmas?  Not that I don’t appreciate it, but it feels a tad overwhelming…where am I going to put all this shit?

I will say that I really loved the hand-made knife my brother got me.  Sweet gift, bro!  I sat back and surveyed the loot with a Flat Tail Tailgater Kolsch.  Solid, solid beer.  Light, crisp, and super tasty with all those grassy/biscuit notes you want this style.

I was singing while drinking this

I was singing while drinking this

After getting the Red Chile Pork on for dinner, I decided to kick back with some NBA (Heat/Thunder…go Thunder) and a Fa La La La La from Double Mountain.  Typical Double Mountain beer, too.  Beautiful gold/orange in color with a knockout malt profile that is balanced perfectly with the hops.  I love their beers.

Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa.  I got my wife and kids, so it all worked out perfectly for me (cheesy, I know…but that’s what Christmas does to me, people!).  Be on the lookout for a post from Mike tonight…I am going to make him do one from my house after dinner.  If I don’t, it’ll never happen.

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