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weekend update

13 Apr
Totally underrated beer

Totally underrated beer

The past couple of weeks I’ve realized how much beer I tend to consume over a weekend.  Makes sense that I would keep track of it and update readers with a few beers at a time, right? It’s a bit of a cheat, really.  Instead of multiple posts, I get to be a bit lazy and get it up all at once.  Whatever.  It’s more Dennis Miller than Seth Myers probably.  Seth seemed like a hard worker.  Dennis felt like he was always mailing it in. Nealon?  That guy seemed like he had to work twice as hard to look half as good as Miller.  Sometimes talent wins out, I guess. Continue reading

Basketball and Beer

23 Mar


Wednesday is basketball night.  And what does one do after an hour hustling on the court for an hour?  Rehydrate with beer, of course!  For the winter we have been playing at Creston Elementary and enjoying a couple of pints just down the road at C-bar on SE Gladstone.  In Portland we are lucky that good beer bars are a dime a dozen.  The C-bar is a good example of one of these beer bars.  They have twenty rotating taps, covering a wide selection of beer styles, including two nitro taps.  Speaking of  nitro taps, a few weeks ago they had Deschutes’s Jubelale on nitro.  Jubelale is a nice, medium winter ale, but on nitro…well, that is the best way to drink that beer.  But winter is over and it may be hard to find it on nitro these days.

Usually I just go enjoy my beer and conversation but on the last day before the gym closed for spring break, I scribbled down a few notes on a napkin about that evenings’ beers.  The first beer of the night was New Belgium’s Trip XV.   Continue reading

GABF anyone?

10 Aug


It’s official. I’m announcing that we, the authors here at taphandle, will be attending the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Please don’t start hating on us already because you are jealous, or get really excited and think you might get tickets to go with us – because they were sold out in less than an hour, but more on that later.

We’ve been talking about going for a few years now. But we’ve either had other obligations or just kinda talked about it in a dreamlike state. Over 2,000 beers…a dream, right? Until now! The tickets arrived in the mail today, so it’s starting to feel real! About a year ago we committed to 2012. We’ve been training. Diligently. Can’t you tell? So, the fact that it’s only a couple months away is nearly unbelievable.

Obtaining tickets to what is apparently one of the hottest tickets in town, I feel the need to celebrate. With a beer of course. Wouldn’t you be disappointed if I didn’t? I’m lucky as all hell. Not only did I get tickets to each evening session, but as members of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), I also scored tickets to the coveted members only session. Barely! The shenanigans associated with buying tickets this year were beyond frustrating (If you haven’t heard about it, there is some background here and here). So, I’ve cracked open a bottle of Good Life’s Descender IPA to help me relax. Since I’m attending the festival in all its glory (and other stuff), I figured this beer fit the occasion perfectly. Continue reading

The Beer of Bend, OR

28 May

I am pretty lucky to live in Portland, Oregon…especially when it comes to beer.  There are a plethora of taphouses, bottle shops, and breweries to choose from any day of the week.  A trip to the coast and its myriad brewpubs is only about an hour from my front door.  The same goes for Hood River and its breweries/pubs.  It would take some time to work your way through all of them, and lord knows I have been making the effort to.

The one part of the state that I had yet to visit for a beer-related trip was Bend.  At just over 3 hours away, it’s not exactly a there-and-back day trip.  So when I was recently presented with the opportunity to enhance my professional knowledge and network with various members of my chosen field in Bend at a statewide conference, my first thought was: Hell yeah! It’s time to drink some beer! Continue reading

The Good Life

13 May

So, Brian and I ended up in Bend on Thursday at the state planning conference for work. Given the recent move for Tanya from Bend Brewing Company to 10 Barrel and the press in the NY Times for Good Life, the newest brewery in Bend, we thought we should double up on our time while on the east side of the Cascades and do some serious beer tasting. So, here I find myself, on the west side of town, with a pint of IPA and my best friend, on a beautiful evening. Not a bad life, eh?

Continue reading

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