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Beer fridge….I knew thee well

23 Mar

photo 4We have all have been in situation where making small talk is just a requirement.  Inevitably the question, “well what do you do?”, will be asked.  Now, I like to believe my career is both interesting and important, but as person who works to live, this typical polite response is incomplete.  Some of this is may fault as I am not much for talk, small or otherwise, in such social situation.  If fact a walk through of my basement dose a better job of answering the question better than I so.  In one corner there are my bikes and tool, another fishing poles and tackle, but for most the center of the room will grab their attention first.  A homemade mash tun, kettle, carboys and a full sized beer fridge takes of more than their fair share of room in the basement. Continue reading

Return of the Mack

1 Feb
Tonight's dinner...served with beer, of course

Tonight’s dinner…served with beer, of course

I’m back, baby!  The self-imposed hiatus is over.  I really don’t have a great reason for staying gone so long, I just needed to see if it could be done.  A full month without beer?  Check.  Ready to drink a shit-ton of beer this month?  Also check. Continue reading


26 Nov

I love this time of the year

This weekend, more than any other of the year, makes me think of the importance of tradition.  We get together with friends and family for a turkey dinner and we decorate our Christmas tree several days later.  That was how we always did it in my family, and I have been adamant about keeping that tradition alive in our house.   Continue reading

A thornless blackberry stout

23 Oct

2011 Black Chester Stout

We picked thornless chesters on Sauvie Island last year and made this for the second time.  First go-around it was damn good.  This batch?  Not so much.  I want to like it, as it looks and smells really nice.  It has a slight hint of the berries in the nose, to go along with some nuttiness.  Problem is that when you taste it you notice immediately that the beer is too dry (sort of like a Guiness) for the blackberry to work.  What happens is that without some heft and depth to the beer it tastes sharp and sour without any of the roasted flavors you want in a stout.  If their were some residual sugars left, a bit more body, and some more intense chocolate/coffee notes, then this thing would be fantastic.

We have consistently been inconsistent with fruit-based beers like this.  We put the fruit into primary with all of our recipes, but I am starting to wonder if maybe aging the beer on the fruit in secondary might be a better way to go.  What I do know is that it takes 3-4 times brewing a particular beer before we start to dial it in.  And of course, we skipped it this year.  Gotta get back on it next August.  This has potential.

Beer and Cupcakes

21 Jun

Probably not the best thing to eat/drink at 10 PM, but what the hell, right?

That title got your attention, didn’t it?  Not much to complain about if you have one of each, right?  Tonight was all about the cupcakes, and it ended up getting me thinking about a beer in the fridge.  Next thing I know, I’m enjoying both.

I’ve been trying to perfect this coconut cake recipe that I tried last week, and I decided to take it down to a cupcake to see if I could get similar results, or possibly a better one.  Cupcakes seem to have the ability to enhance the cake experience for the eater, plus you can pack a shit-ton of flavor into a small delivery system.  I like to hollow mine out and fill them with something “extra”.  This time it is a coconut pastry cream mixed with some whipped cream.  A little coconut buttercream frosting and toasted coconut and these babies are ready for consumption.  While “testing” one of the final coconut cupcakes, I had an epiphany…more like I just realized I had a Ken Schmidt / Maui / Stone Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter in the garage.  Could there be a better beer to go with a coconut cupcake?  Probably not.  Glad I saved it for a special occasion. Continue reading

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