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My Quest to Dragon’s Gate

27 Mar

photo 2This past weekend I visited a new brewery while I was in the thriving metropolis of Milton-Freewater. What?! You’ve never heard of it? Well, it’s a town of about 7,000 located in the northeast corner of the state. This being Oregon, of course it has it’s own brewery (well it’s no surprise at least). The town is literally a stones throw across the stateline from Walla Walla, WA, where I met up with my college besties for wine tasting and a weekend away. If you’ve never been out that far into Oregon / Washington, go! The scenery is reason enough. The rest is just gravy.

photo 3After driving for miles with nothing but fields for as far as the eye can see, and then winding through farmland along country roads, some without names, you’ll find a gravel drive that leads you to Dragon’s Gate Brewery. Unless of course you come from the Walla Walla wine trail in which cphoto 4ase you are just a few turns and a couple vineyards down the road.  Either way you might feel like you are a little lost, I did, until I saw the cute little shed, an a-frame sign, and a dozen or so red adirondack chairs just waiting for the sunset. Continue reading

left coast is the best coast

17 Mar
not particularly rebellious…pretty tame, really

not particularly rebellious…pretty tame, really

There are so many new beers showing up that it’s damn near impossible to keep up anymore.  Truth is, I rarely grab the new stuff if it’s from a brewery I know to be average.  Just not worth the time, really.  But this time?  This time, Samuel Adams drew me in.   Continue reading

An invitation to Kells Brewery

31 Oct


On Monday, Miranda and I were invited to the media event at Kells Irish Pub and Brewery inside their NW 21st location.  What first caught my attention about the invitation was Dave Fleming had found himself and new brewing gig and I wanted to see what he was up to since leaving Lompoc.  Then there was the chance to try new beers from a brewery I didn’t know existed.  With 40+ breweries in town, eventually one or two will pop up under our radar. Continue reading

not giving in

21 Sep
Stay with me, Summer!

Stay with me, Summer!

I am obsessed with the weather these days.  Holding on to summer with everything I can.  It’s pretty clear that my powers of persuasion related to Mother Nature are a bit lacking.  This weekend is the definitive “fall” feel that I have come to expect from Portland in September.  It’s not cold, per se.  Just a little crisper than normal, with more clouds overhead.  Yep, it’s fall.  Having said that…I still refuse to go down quietly!  No pumpkin beers yet.  Instead, I am forging ahead with more summery staples until I just can’t do it anymore. Continue reading

Red Dot

13 Sep

After striking out at four furniture stores, I felt like I was working too hard on our little staycation. You know what can always fix that? Yup. A pint. At Hair of the Dog no less. We like to do it up right on a Friday afternoon. And we were rewarded with a special treat. Blue Dot was aged in bourbon barrels with sour cherries to make the current From the Wood pour: Red Dot. Continue reading

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