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Reader’s Choice 3: Lover Beer

15 Nov


For the Love of Good Beer. That’s what this blog is all about. And that’s what this beer says right on the label. Those Italians get it right every time, don’t they? Luckily when it comes to craft beer, they are starting to get it right. When Michael first suggested the Italy theme, I was hesitant. It seemed obscure for some of our readers, and I thought y’all wouldn’t know who to vote for. Then I was thinking about the fact that when I lived in Italy in the late 90s, local craft beer was nearly non-existent. But in the last few years, the beer making its way from Italy to the US is a perfect example of how Italy gets it right. I’ve had some really, really good beers from there. And so I got really excited.

LoverBeer’s D’Uva (meaning “of the grape”) from Marentino, Italy. An American Wild Ale. The bottle I happen to pick up from Belmont Station was a 2010. Continue reading

berries and beer

15 Jul

It’s officially summer here in Portland. We’ve gone over an entire week at 85 degrees, no rain, no humidity. It’s absolutely gorgeous and that means it is time to go berry picking. There is really no point in buying berries at the store here. Within 20 minutes you can be on a farm, in the sun, picking the freshest berries of the season, paying only a fraction of the cost. On Saturday, Michael and I drove to Sauvie’s Island for our first berry trip of the season. One of our favorite places to go, Columbia Farms, had Black Caps, Blueberries, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Marionberries, Currants, and two varieties of Raspberries. This was the first time we’ve seen that many berries ready to pick all at once. I think it is going to be a great season!

Well, 30 lbs of berries and a sunburn later, I decided I needed a refreshing beer to top off the day. I went to the beer fridge and saw I still had a bottle of Birra del Borgo’s Rubus. A beer made with raspberries…that seemed very fitting. Continue reading

My Christmas Presents: Part I

4 Jan


I got three beers from Brian for Christmas. The first of these beers was Birra del Borgo’s Re Ale EXTRA. A quick read of the ingredients you get where they got the name, as it includes EXTRA hop. Hop or hops, this beer has a bit of both. It pours gold in color, though I did get a bit of the yeast in the glass so it was a bit cloudy, with a white and stable head that lasted through the whole pint. The hops are prevalent throughout with spicy hop characteristics and possibly, some English hops. This is a great straightforward pale; nothing fancy, just a great well balanced beer. Pick your favorite pale in town, and this beer can hold its own. This is EXTRA proof there are excellent beers produced in Italy.

The two other beers I got from form Brian are weekend beers, bigger in both volume and alcohol, so you will have to wait a bit to hear about Two Gypsies Ours Side and Labyrinth.

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