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Bust A Bucket

25 Apr


I almost exclusively write posts from the comfort of my home, where I have time to think about the beer and write. Or I am visiting a brewery with the purpose of reviewing their brews. Most nights when I am out, I am out. I drink to drink and enjoy and that’s it. But here I am waiting for the Blazers game to start…(we interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to say, oh my god! Did you see those first two games against the Rockets? Lamarcus Aldridge is a beast! I mean, I’ve had a crush on him for years, but seriously, those back-to-back 40+ games are just ridiculous. And talk about excitement. Blazer mania is in full force. Rip City baby).… I am at Tin Bucket with a Korean Pork Belly and Kimchi sandwich from Lardo in one hand and a Crux Banished Doublecross in the other and it’s like I died and went to heaven.

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Red Dot

13 Sep

After striking out at four furniture stores, I felt like I was working too hard on our little staycation. You know what can always fix that? Yup. A pint. At Hair of the Dog no less. We like to do it up right on a Friday afternoon. And we were rewarded with a special treat. Blue Dot was aged in bourbon barrels with sour cherries to make the current From the Wood pour: Red Dot. Continue reading

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