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weekend update

13 Apr
Totally underrated beer

Totally underrated beer

The past couple of weeks I’ve realized how much beer I tend to consume over a weekend.  Makes sense that I would keep track of it and update readers with a few beers at a time, right? It’s a bit of a cheat, really.  Instead of multiple posts, I get to be a bit lazy and get it up all at once.  Whatever.  It’s more Dennis Miller than Seth Myers probably.  Seth seemed like a hard worker.  Dennis felt like he was always mailing it in. Nealon?  That guy seemed like he had to work twice as hard to look half as good as Miller.  Sometimes talent wins out, I guess. Continue reading


on wood

28 Oct
refraining from any silly puns on wood

refraining from any silly puns on wood

This isn’t a treatise on aging beers on wood.  It’s a tasty way to influence beer and it’s been happening since forever.  Before there was stainless steel, there were wood barrels.  For a nice, detailed accounting of why it was/is done and how, go here.

More importantly is what has prompted this post, which is a Widmer Brothers Downward Spiral Imperial India Style Pale Lager aged on oak spirals.   Continue reading

Oregon summer series: beer #4

27 Aug

it all started with such promise…

My entire experience with beer and salt can be summed up in one word: Tecate.  Now, that’s not a bad word necessarily.  I like me some Tecate.  I like that I can drink 9 of them on a hot day and not feel like I am going to pass out or nurse a wicked hangover the next day.  But beyond that salted rim on the can, I was not fully aware that salt was a main ingredient in a style of beer.  It was only this summer that I first heard of the style known as Gose. Continue reading

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