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desert home

25 Mar

Patio drinking

I have written about this place and its beers before.  Not today.  Today I just wanted to be.  Today I just wanted to drink beer and shoot the shit.  My brother and his wife obliged.   Continue reading


Craft beer in the Southwest

6 Dec

Well, the wedding in Port Aransas was a success…even if the attempt to find local beer wasn’t.  After a delayed flight out of Corpus Christi and an extra connection in Dallas, we finally got home last night.  Too bad it was after the local El Paso brewery had closed!  So this morning I woke up in a different state (NM) and more determined than ever to visit my old stomping grounds in Las Cruces: High Desert Brewing.  I probably started going here as an undergrad in the late 90’s.  I remember the beer was flavorful and BIG!  It probably seemed that way because I had been drinking Bud Light and Keystone my entire college career.  I also remember that the beers always seemed sweet.  Not in a cloying way, but looking back, it was clearly residual sugars from the brewing process.  I also remember wicked hangovers after just 3 pints!  I was eager to see if there was a difference this time around.  Upon arrival, I ordered 2 taster trays (they pour four 4 oz tasters per tray) and got down to business. Continue reading

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