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Prepare for Chaos

13 Feb

So I’m sitting at an Irish pub at the Dallas airport. Unfortunately I cannot report on drinking an amazing brew, let alone a local beer. I was hoping for a Lone Star at least but alas, none to be found. So I’m just sipping on a Smithwicks and a Guinness as I kill this three hour layover. But y’all know what those taste like and they are not earth shattering, so nothing to report, but they are good enough with my fish n chips. Continue reading

it’s been a while

5 Aug

beers at bridgetown

no shit it’s been a while. as i scroll through the last dozen or so posts, my name does not appear in the author column. not one fucking time. i’m sure this comes as no surprise to “our fans” who i am sure have dearly missed my ever so poignant beer reviews and sarcastic style. thank you! i’ve missed you too!  Continue reading

Hops vs. Hot Wings

7 Apr

No wine can stand up to really hot food, but an IPA can. In my opinion, hot Thai and an IPA is one of the best alcohol/food pairings – period. Tonight, Miranda wanted wings from Fire on the Mountain. Now if she hadn’t been in computer hell all afternoon, my wife wanting wings is a sure sign of a stroke. Or maybe its a cicada-like craving for her: one every seven years. Anyway, I jumped at the chance to get wings and test out another IPA-hot food pairing. Of course, with this opportunity, I picked up some IPAs I had never had before.

The Matchups
Left Coast’s Hop Juice Double IPA vs. 9 Cilantro Lime Buffalo Wings
Eel River’s Earth Thirst Double IPA vs. 9 Extra-Hot Hot Wings

Continue reading

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