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weekend drinks

30 Mar
Spot on, old chap.  Spot on.

Spot on, old chap. Spot on.

I managed to have several really good beers this weekend, which isn’t that amazing when you think about where I live.  Even though you can often get 3 or 4 really great beers in one day here in Portland, I thought these three all deserved a little love on the blog.   Continue reading

Keepin’ it fresh

3 Oct

makes me wish summer were still around…

That Mirror Pond Fresh Hop has just haunted my dreams for the last 5 days, so I have picked up other fresh hop bottles in a lame-ass attempt at banishing the experience from my brain.  Yeah…not going to happen.  However, the Bridgeport Hop Harvest Pilsner was intriguing enough to open tonight with dinner.  At 8% ABV, this beer is labeled as one of their Big Brews.   Continue reading

A brief respite: Fall is in the air

4 Sep

Summer ain’t even in the rearview and I’m already steppin’ out with Fall

I realize that I am not even halfway through my self-imposed Summer Series of Beers, but I can’t deny the crispness in the air any longer.  The days no longer feel summer-like and we have clearly made the turn into fall.  Our six weeks of summer is over, folks.  Don’t worry, just like the last gasps of summer temps in the 80s and 90s coming up, I’m not abandoning my summer series just yet.  I bought the beers, so they gotta get reviewed, right?  But with the weather the way it is, I decided to do an early fall beer post.  What I love about fall beers is the color and the aromas you get.  Fall is a season that speaks more to my palate than others.  Food in the fall is full of spices and majestic colors, and the beers are very similar.  This particular post was inspired by a trip to the grocery store, as most are.  I was picking up a few things at Freddy’s and there was Bridgeport’s Witch Hunt Spiced Ale.  Kismet, as they say. Continue reading

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