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An invitation to Kells Brewery

31 Oct


On Monday, Miranda and I were invited to the media event at Kells Irish Pub and Brewery inside their NW 21st location.  What first caught my attention about the invitation was Dave Fleming had found himself and new brewing gig and I wanted to see what he was up to since leaving Lompoc.  Then there was the chance to try new beers from a brewery I didn’t know existed.  With 40+ breweries in town, eventually one or two will pop up under our radar. Continue reading


on wood

28 Oct
refraining from any silly puns on wood

refraining from any silly puns on wood

This isn’t a treatise on aging beers on wood.  It’s a tasty way to influence beer and it’s been happening since forever.  Before there was stainless steel, there were wood barrels.  For a nice, detailed accounting of why it was/is done and how, go here.

More importantly is what has prompted this post, which is a Widmer Brothers Downward Spiral Imperial India Style Pale Lager aged on oak spirals.   Continue reading

keeping it light

25 Oct
Drinking like an O.G.

Drinking like an O.G.

The weather just won’t cooperate, will it?  Sunny, unseasonably warm, and just downright pleasant!  I just can’t make the move to that pumpkin beer yet.  So I stick with what calls to me.  Today it’s 10 Barrel’s O.G. Wheat IPA.  I think the first time I had it was at the Oregon Garden Beer Festival this past summer.  I liked it then, and I certainly like it now. Continue reading

accidental hiatus

13 Oct
catch you here sometime

catch you here sometime

Do you ever just wonder where the hell all your time went?  I have generally kept up a good schedule here on Taphandle, but man…did the last couple of weeks get away from me, or what?  Total accident, people.  I clearly owe some posts.  Luckily there is plenty of beer to be reviewed.  Now that we’re officially into Fall in the Pacific NW, I want to get around to seasonally appropriate brews (yes, that means a Pumpkin beer will be consumed and reviewed soon). Continue reading

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