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fine, I’ll do it

17 Nov
choco-pumpkin nonsense

choco-pumpkin nonsense

This thing has just been staring at me every time I open my fridge.  The problem with buying a beer because it amuses you (or pisses you off) is that eventually you’ll have to drink it.  I didn’t even want this beer.  But I feel like I was kinda harsh on it based on my issues with early release of pumpkin beers…and that’s just not fair.  I should drink it and judge it on its merits, right? Continue reading


it’s that time of year

18 Aug
Jesus H. Christ, it's only August 18th...

Jesus H. Christ, it’s only August 18th…

I don’t even have the words right now.  I only bought this because I was so shocked as to the novelty of it all.  There is no way I could drink this with the weather we have right now, but apparently it’s never too early to get a jump on getting your Pumpkin beer to market.  So I guess I’ll hold on to this until October?  Even worse?  It’ll probably be underwhelming.  Especially with all those ingredients.  Why don’t they just start releasing these damn beers in April and get it over with?

IPA day

1 Aug
worth a sip, for sure

worth a sip, for sure

My initial panic as I left work was that I didn’t even have an IPA in the fridge to drink.  I had just found out that today was IPA Day, and so I was bound and determined to drink an IPA and throw a post out into the nether.  The drive home was mostly me contemplating when I could shoot out to grab a bomber tonight, since my Mom just got in for a visit.  I was sure I was doomed to waiting another night to have that IPA.  But guess what?  Leftovers!  I had one Oak Shire Watershed IPA in the fridge from our cookout last week.  I lived a charmed life, for sure. Continue reading

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