Bust A Bucket

25 Apr


I almost exclusively write posts from the comfort of my home, where I have time to think about the beer and write. Or I am visiting a brewery with the purpose of reviewing their brews. Most nights when I am out, I am out. I drink to drink and enjoy and that’s it. But here I am waiting for the Blazers game to start…(we interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to say, oh my god! Did you see those first two games against the Rockets? Lamarcus Aldridge is a beast! I mean, I’ve had a crush on him for years, but seriously, those back-to-back 40+ games are just ridiculous. And talk about excitement. Blazer mania is in full force. Rip City baby).… I am at Tin Bucket with a Korean Pork Belly and Kimchi sandwich from Lardo in one hand and a Crux Banished Doublecross in the other and it’s like I died and went to heaven.

Crux Fermentation
Banished Doublecross
Belgian Strong Dark

The beer has a nice malty sweetness without having a heavy body. It also has a fruitiness that hints at a wine like quality, probably because there is a dryness that is coming from some type of barrel. By the taste of it, I am guessing oak. And maybe bourbon because I get vanilla notes. I know nothing of this beer so who knows. But it’s amazing with the sandwich. The spiciness of the kimchi and the fattiness of the pork pair really well with the sweet malt and light dryness of the beer. A lot going on in my mouth and me likey. I highly recommend!

Now, onto important matters…let’s go Blazers! Bust-a-Bucket! Bust, Bust a Bucket, yeah!

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