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Happy Labor Day

2 Sep
Best of the summer

Best of the summer

This is my jam right here.  I had this back in June and was hooked.  It’s not a fresh hop beer (those start hitting taps soon!), but it is damn close!  Rich, with a incredible body and flavors of passion fruit, mango, and kiwi.  This IPA just makes me smile.  Deschutes really nailed it with this one.

Hope everyone is cooking out, throwing the frisbee and enjoying a craft brew.  Summer will only be here a few more weeks, so smoke ’em if you got ’em.


Basketball and Beer

23 Mar


Wednesday is basketball night.  And what does one do after an hour hustling on the court for an hour?  Rehydrate with beer, of course!  For the winter we have been playing at Creston Elementary and enjoying a couple of pints just down the road at C-bar on SE Gladstone.  In Portland we are lucky that good beer bars are a dime a dozen.  The C-bar is a good example of one of these beer bars.  They have twenty rotating taps, covering a wide selection of beer styles, including two nitro taps.  Speaking of  nitro taps, a few weeks ago they had Deschutes’s Jubelale on nitro.  Jubelale is a nice, medium winter ale, but on nitro…well, that is the best way to drink that beer.  But winter is over and it may be hard to find it on nitro these days.

Usually I just go enjoy my beer and conversation but on the last day before the gym closed for spring break, I scribbled down a few notes on a napkin about that evenings’ beers.  The first beer of the night was New Belgium’s Trip XV.   Continue reading

Reader’s Choice 4: Jubelale

27 Dec

Is there some not-so-secret plot by the reader’s of this blog to get me drunk? Yet again, there is a tie in the votes for my Reader’s Choice series. The theme for Reader’s Choice #4 was: Holiday Ale. So many good ones to choose from, I know. So, here we are, at least this time it’s a two-way, not a three-way. Tee hee hee. Sorry, I went there, I know you did too. Anyway, tonight’s review is on Deschutes’ Jubelale. Tomorrow, you should see a post on the other winner of your votes, Lagunitas’ Brown Shugga. Continue reading

Oregon summer series: beer #5

8 Sep

pretty sweet looking for a sour

Sometimes things just work out.  Sometimes you make a beer selection and it coincides with some information you just learned about the beer/brewer/brewery.  Sometimes it just happens to occur with one of the best beers you have tasted in all of 2012.  This is one of those times.  Maybe I shouldn’t have given up on summer so quickly… Continue reading

A worthy brewery tour

4 Jun

Well it’s Memorial Day weekend, when all Oregonians step out of their house, outdoor gear in hand, just to learn it is still raining.  This year, still raining was a serious understatement.  Take heart, the sun will arrive on July 5th, as it always does, and we will get to go outside.  Personally, I can’t wait to do a little camping and get a line in the water.  Now, with so many good breweries canning beer, there truly can’t be a bad day of fishing.  Hmmm, thats a good idea for another post: which beer pairs best with fishing…well, that is for another day.  For now the clouds are gray and thick, so if you find yourself close to Bend when your camping trip is rained out, get inside one of Bend’s breweries and dry off with a delicious beer.  If that brewery just happens to be Bend Brewing Company (which I highly recommend), you should grab any one of their excellent brews and ask about a brewery tour. Continue reading

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