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Reader’s Choice #2b: Southern Tier’s Pumking

25 Oct

In my last Reader’s Choice post, I announced there was a three-way tie for the pumpkin ale y’all wanted me to review. So here I am, after a long day at work, drinking pumpkin beer, mentally preparing myself for one more work day. Tonight’s review is for the Pumking, an Imperial Pumpkin Ale, from Southern Tier. Continue reading

beer. new york style.

18 May

whenever we travel, we seek out local beers to try, and this trip was no different. we were particularly committed to this since the beer scene in new york is totally different from when we lived there. it used to be difficult to even find brooklyn brewery beers on tap in brooklyn. now, new york and new england have a bunch of burgeoning micro and nano breweries. we sought them out. we found some. and this is a review of what we tasted.

Continue reading

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