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18 Jun
nice and easy

nice and easy

I have extolled the virtues of Full Sail’s LTD series before and it didn’t take much convincing for me to pick up Recipe No. 5 last week.  Not only do I like their lagers, but this Vienna-style was right up my alley.  The only question was, how far off from my previous experience with Vienna-style lagers would it be?  Pre-Portland beer days had me thinking that Negra Modelo was the representation of a Vienna lager with all it’s aggressive sweetness.  Maybe it still is, but this beer was definitely different.  In a good way, I promise. Continue reading


Dark lager

18 Feb
Full Sail represents on President's Day

Full Sail represents on President’s Day

Last month I had a chance to read a post from Jeff Alworth over at Beervana that helped me do something that blog posts don’t always do: It helped me learn something.  Even better was that when given some time, the comment section filled up with even more useful information.  I really like Jeff’s work over at Beervana and it’s a daily stop-by for me to see what kind of knowledge he’s dropping.  Give it a look-see sometime if you want to learn something. Continue reading

Weekend Session

9 Dec

IMG_0345I love this beer.  I don’t much like the regular or the black version, but this red lager is great to drink.  And today is one of those misty, cold, Portland winter days that finds me indoors baking (today it’s scones) and hanging with the family.  Hope everyone had a great beer weekend…from the looks of my buddy Chad’s post, he certainly did.  Mike and I brewed on Saturday (Winter Red Ale) and drank some fantastic Upright Apricot Seven and their Pear Wood Smoked Lager after at Belmont Station.  It doesn’t get much better than Portland, does it?

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