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Oregon summer series: beer #7

21 Sep

I gotta work on my photo skills…

That’s it.  It’s over.  Done.  Summer has finally gasped it’s last breath.  Ok, so maybe we get a few more 75 degree days, but with the overcast sky and light mist today, I think it’s safe to call it.  It was a good ride this year.  Lots of sun and a long streak of dry days (over 50) through late July and into September.  But with the death of summer in the Pacific Northwest comes the end of my summer beer series.  Probably should have started sooner, but…it is what it is.  I’ll get a earlier start next year.  In the meantime, it’s onto Fall.  Not sure yet what I’ll title it (suggestions welcome), but I’ll be focusing on those beers/ciders that I love drinking this time of year.  We can call the Witch Hunt post an early test run.  All that said, I did drink and write up a little something on one last beer, so…here it is: Continue reading


Happy Fathers Day

17 Jun

If you want to make the Show, you gotta know how to handle a Curveball

Give it up for all the dads out there!  Happy Fathers Day to everyone of them.  Spent mine chilling with the fam at home.  Kind of had a late night at Miranda’s last night.  Lots of wine and a fantastic dinner from Michael.  It’s great to have friends you can sit with over a long, leisurely meal and 8 bottles of wine…

Since I really took it to the face last night, I decided to have one Fathers Day beer only.  While working in the yard this afternoon I went with the Curveball Blonde Ale from Pyramid.  This is a seasonal beer that is usually released with the Seattle Mariners season getting underway.  The beer is nice and bright, with a snappy hop flavor and finish.  Very refreshing and drinkable on a nice day out in the yard. Continue reading

I’m no longer confused

4 Apr

Pyramid is making really, really good beers. Although their Discord Dark IPA had left me wondering as to it’s particular style, it was still a very tasty beer. Michael had it several weeks after my initial post, and he agreed it was solid.

I picked up the Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA last Friday for movie night with the kiddo. I wanted to see how their other new bottles were tasting. Plus, the price of $2.49 was too inviting to pass up. While the daughter watched Ratatouille, I poured the beer and snacked on some Olympic Provisions capicola. I gotta say, this beer was spot on for an Imperial IPA. Deep caramel color, lovely citrus hop nose, and sweet initially with a well balanced bitterness at the end. The beer has great body and is a smooth drinker. Someone is nailing these beers at their brewery…and selling them for a great price. If I didn’t recommend these beers enough the first time, consider this a huge thumbs up for Pyramid’s new line up.

I’m Confused

22 Feb

Why am I confused, you ask?  Well, the good folks at Pyramid have managed to brew, bottle, and market a beer that confuses me.  While perusing one of the many beer blogs that exist in Portland several weeks ago, I came across a post about the the new labels at Pyramid and how they were trying to “up their game”.  I found myself wondering how the beers tasted, as I have yet to have a Pyramid brew since moving to Portland.  My knowledge of Pyramid is limited at best, so I cruised the website trying to see what was going on at the brewery.  I managed to get some useful information, but lost track of picking up a bottle…until this afternoon.

I was walking down the beer aisle at Freddy’s today, when I saw the Discord Dark IPA on sale for $2.47 for a 22 oz bottle.  What a deal, right?  I figured it was worth the really minimal investment to check out the beer.  I have had several really, really good Black IPAs/CDAs recently (Turmoil being one that was downright un-fucking-believable), so I figured I would keep the streak going. Continue reading

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