Cherry Diesel Stout (readers’ choice #8)

4 Dec

The readers have spoken. I dragged my sorry sick ass down to the Ale Fest this morning in an attempt to let the alcohol kill this virus. Don’t judge. So my first pour today is the Cherry Diesel from Cascade. Here is what I wrote about the Diesel last year (no cherry):

Cascade’s Diesel #2 is still my favorite after both days. A rich, sweet chocolate aroma. Sweet, chocolate malt followed by coffee roast, malt, and a slight bitterness. There is barely a hint of the 11% ABV toward the end. Very well balanced, I’d like to see this vintage return in 2013 or 2014 to see how it ages. But it’s excellent as it is and should not be missed.

Well, I got my wish with a return in 2013 didn’t I? But this time it is aged with cherries and blended with a couple different beers. It’s got funk and sour and cherry on the nose but that escapes completely in the taste. There is a lot of chocolate and vanilla, coffee roast, with some creaminess. Sweetness not from malt but probably from the molasses. There is a slight spiciness that pairs well with the other flavors and it finishes with a light nuttiness and berry fruit.



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